A Reminder

This month’s tip is actually going to be a reminder of sorts.

First, I want to say congratulations to Jane and Harvey Baker for winning the Developer’s Challenge at RootsTech 2014. I want to use their success story as a starting point for my message this month.

Just before Harvey and Jane accepted their award, FamilySearch played a lovely video. The video showed Harvey and Jane sitting on their couch talking about why and how they started the process. Then there was a portion explaining Saving Memories Forever and all it offers.

Well, we all know that even though it was a nice video, the video barely scratches the surface. From the budding seed of the idea, to the scratching of the head as they jumped hurdles, figured out the financials, launched, trouble shooted, marketed, pushed forward and now, success.  A lot goes on behind the scenes.

You know what I mean. One letter on a report card is actually the fruit of much late night work, cheerleading, and conversation.  A gold medal is years and years of grueling dedication and perseverance.

The family, in the car next to you, is actually made up of millions of words, experiences, tears and smiles.

Most everything we see is actually just a small dot of what really is there.

It‘s that way with the Saving Memories Forever App.  It is extremely simple to download; it is user friendly and within minutes you are up and running and gathering your family’s stories.

But here is what you may not see…and this is where the reminder comes in.

There is a whole system behind the Saving Memories Forever App that you need to tap into. The App provides great mobility for interviewing, but this is just the dot! You can easily upload to secure and private storage on the Saving Memories Forever website. Listen to your recorded and uploaded stories and also use the website to share and “manage” your stories.  You can invite people to listen or burn a CD and share it or give it as a gift.  The list goes on and on.

So, this month, the tip is…dig a little deeper! Enjoy ALL that Saving Memories Forever has to offer.

Now, go tell your story…you were designed to.


Saving Memories Forever – What It’s All About

Sometimes the best way to learn about a new idea or product is to watch a video. Here is the our latest video where actual users talk about the various ways you can preserve your family stories using Saving Memories Forever.

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