Saving Memories Forever Makes a Unique Gift

Saving Memories Forever makes a great gift

Saving Memories Forever is offering a holiday gift item ideal for anyone wishing to preserve and share their family history: the Saving Memories Forever Audio Scrapbook.

It isn’t always easy to find a gift for certain family members, especially those that seem to have everything! Why not consider a Premium subscription to Saving Memories Forever and get your family involved with preserving memories one story at a time?

The Saving Memories Forever Audio Scrapbook provides users with an online portal to record family members and their favorite stories and save them in one secure and safe location. Combined with the new iPhone App from Saving Memories Forever, creating the scrapbook is extremely easy. The app links seamlessly to the website and is designed for anyone no matter how tech savvy.

Those without a smart phone can also create an audio scrapbook. Anyone with MP3 capability can upload their recordings. Recordings can also be downloaded from the Saving Memories Forever website to a computer. Subscribers can add photographs and other graphics to the website to share with the recordings.

“The holidays are a great time for family gatherings and what better way to preserve and share stories and memories than with an audio scrapbook. Everyone can be a storyteller. Whether it is a grandmother talking about an old family tale, a mom talking about her first date with dad, or a child talking about their first day at school, the combination of stories gives true insight into what a person was all about and is an invaluable oral tool for anyone interested in preserving family genealogy. Family members will want to hear these stories again and again. They will add to them and share with current and future generations,” said Harvey Baker, SMF President.

Recordings stored on Saving Memories Forever are categorized, private, secure, and permission based. The Saving Memories Forever Audio Scrapbook is available for just $35. Click here for more information and to purchase gift certificates for that “hard to shop for” family member today.