3 Ideas for Capturing Graduation Moments

graduationTransitions happen at all ages and stages of childhood and adulthood. When we think of “rites of passage”, many think of getting the keys to the car or getting married. These things may happen at different times in our lives (or not at all). But one thing that we all experience is a graduation!

Traditionally, high school and college graduations receive the lion’s share of attention. While that’s still true, nowadays, graduations from elementary and middle school also receive a good amount of attention. No matter what type of graduation you’re attending, it’s a big deal and marks a milestone in your child’s (or grandchild’s) life. Or your life!

May is pretty much graduation month across the country. So how  have have you been doing with recording (and sharing) the graduations in your family? Are you capturing the graduation stories that go along with the ceremonies? Our advice: grab those stories while they are fresh in your mind.

Here are some ideas of how to go about it.

1. Make a scrapbook. Scrapbooks are a wonderful way to record the event. They can incorporate memorabilia from the event such as graduation programs and notes from friends and relatives. Scrapbooks are also great way to store photographs. Keep in mind that actual photographs in a scrapbook will deteriorate over time (hint: go digital). Also, remember to save the best of your digital photographs to your computer.  Whether you choose to print your photos or create a digital scrapbook, transforming the walk to adulthood will be a memory that you’ll want to keep.

2. Create a graduation keepsake book. Create a book that highlights all of the graduate’s  thoughts, hopes, dreams (and even fears) about heading into the next phase of his or her life, be it college or the working world.  Much like a time capsule, this book will allow the graduate to look back on the day with a different perspective later on in his or her life. Don’t forget to include your words of wisdom for them. These books will become keepsakes that will not only mark the occasion, but something the graduate will hold dear for years to come.

3. Record audio stories about the graduation. Another way that you can remember the excitement of a graduation is to record the spoken stories.  The Saving Memories Forever system is a fun and easy way to record all of your family’s graduation stories. Using the smartphone app, you can record the graduation stories anytime and anywhere, either at the graduation itself, the family celebration party or a few days later when things have calmed down. Using this approach, you’ll be able to capture the  excited “There she is!” as your graduate walks by in the procession line. To record graduation stories on the Saving Memories Forever app,  just use the Celebrations category and then select the Graduations story prompt/question.  While you’re at it, you can even record the graduation stories of others in your family and listen to them all later on. It might be interesting to see how graduation traditions have changed (or not) over time.

After you upload those stories to the website, the stories will be safe, and both you and the graduate will  be able to re-listen to a conversation between the two of you for years to come. Keep in mind that Premium Subscribers can also include graduation photos.

However you choose to remember graduation day, the important principle is this: Don’t lose your stories.Record the stories as they are fresh in our hearts. The details will be richer and the moment of celebration closer.