Announcing Saving Memories Forever Affiliate Program

“Saving Memories Forever has some great news for all of our friends and fans!” comments Harvey Baker, President of Saving Memories Forever. “We are pleased to announce the launch of our Affiliate Program. This program is availableĀ to individuals, professional organizations, associations, and businesses whose mission compliments storytelling. Help us preserve, protect, and share families stories!”


Under the terms of the new program, Affiliates will receiveĀ 20% of the $35 price for each sale of our Premium Subscription. Because Saving Memories Forever is based on renewed subscriptions, this means that Affiliates might expect recurring income. What could be better?

In addition, Affiliates who sell over a designated amount will receive additional percentages of sales based on the volume of their sales. Revenue will be paid on a monthly basis for activations for the prior month.

Are you ready to sign up? There are several requirements for becoming an Affiliate. First, all Affiliates must own either an iPhone or Android smartphone that is compatible with our system. Secondly, all Affiliates must have a valid email address and an active website or blog. Finally, all potential Affiliates must be reviewed and approved by the owners of Saving Memories Forever. That’s all there is to it!

Please look at our website ( to become more familiar with our system. Contact us at for more details about our Affiliate Program.

Come join us!