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Saving Memories Forever Press Room

Everyone’s talking about Saving Memories Forever.  Here are some recent mentions across various media outlets:

Saving Memories Forever Review, September 2013, “I think this app and the corresponding website make interviewing family members so much easier than just using the recorder on your phone.  I like that the stories are organized by storyteller and that they can easily be shared through an email to your family members.  I was really surprised with how easy it was to set it all up and upload the stories to the website.” Jennifer Woods, Climbing My Family Tree, A Family Tree Magazine Top 40 Blogger for 2013.

  • Saving Memories Forever Review, January 2014,  “Overall, this is a fab idea, easily accessible and very affordable. This would be a great way to really capture the stories, laughter and family memories….Recommended and two thumbs up!” Heather Mitchell, I’ll Take My Wine in a Sippy Cup Blog.
  • Saving Memories Forever Review, January 2014, “The nice part with the mobile phone application, is that you don’t need to remember to take any recording equipment with you. In fact I have found that the best family history stories have come quite unexpectedly so I would not have had a digital recorder on me to record the story, this way I just pull out my cell phone and with one application I’m ready to go. Then I can upload it to the website and all the family members I’ve invited to share in these discoveries can listen to the grandparents story within moments rather than waiting for me to transpose it and send out.”Karen Hewitt, Crazystepfordwives Blog
  • Saving Memories Forever Review January 2014 “I have some rather technically disadvantaged family members who felt a little odd talking into a cell phone, so I just plugged in my gaming headset to my computer and recorded that way. It was fun and entertaining. My family has passed on the ‘cheap’ gene to me to make sure that I can live with what I want at a good price. When they started up on me about how this program had to be too good to be true, I showed them that even the FREE plan was a GREAT plan to have. And for most of my family  members who only have 2 members in the house, the FREE plan would work well.” Tami Winbush, Misc. Ramblings Blog
  • Saving Memories Forever Review, January 2014, “When my mom passed away last year, all I could think of were all the missed opportunities… there were …so many questions I still wanted to ask my mom about her life – growing up in Chicago after World War II, coming of age in the 60s and 70s, being a mom (and for most of her life a single one at that)… Saving Memories Forever is a great service for preserving the stories and memories of a lifetime. I highly recommend using it and sharing it with those you love as a way to document both the memorable and mundane parts of everyone’s lives.” Julie Johnston, Project Julie Blog.
  • Saving Memories Forever Review, December 2013, “This is a truly inspiring way to make your holiday and everyday memorable. I love all the features and was super excited to try it out. With your step by step instructions and a story you can do it all with ease. I would highly recommend trying this out.”Cassandra McCann, Cassandra M’s Place Blog
  • Saving Memories Forever Review, December 2013, “I wish this had been around when my grandfather was alive. He always told the best stories and it makes me sad that H and AR can’t hear these same stories in the words of their great-grandfather. We’re definitely going to be breaking out this app over Christmas, but I’ve already got some great recordings from Matt, his mom & dad. I’m not only using it to save memories, but to make memories as well.”  Alyssa Holyfield Groeteke My Husband’s Watching TV While I’m Watching the Baby
  • Saving Memories Forever Review, December 2013, “I recently used this program to record my grandparents, they are in their late 70’s and early 80’s. Some of my Grandfathers Navy stories are now recorded for my children and their children to listen to. I also have decided to record my own stories for my children. I wish everyone understood how important it is for children to understand how and why their family became. Well, a family. Why decisions are important and how much they are loved. So many times I wished just to hear my mother say my name one more time. Call me “Silly Goose”. As she so lovingly did. Hear her laugh. Now I have the chance to leave that behind for my children. It really is priceless for a genealogy nerd like me. Traci Hoffman, DvLDOLL Blog
  • Saving Memories Forever Review, August 2013, “Have I got an app that will change your life!! Seriously!! Before my Grandma died she lovingly filled in a “Grandmother Remembers” book. She worked on it for so long! As much as I love and cherish this book, it would be even more special to me, if it were in her voice!! Saving Memories Forever is a smartphone app. SO AMAZING and SO EASY to use!! This should be on each and every single phone everywhere!! THIS is what you should hand down to your children!!” Connie Gruning, Peanut Butter and Whine Blog
  • Saving Memories Forever Review, March 2013
    Matthew Lewis of Home School Enrichment Magazine reviews the Saving Memories Forever web service and app from the perspective of a parent and homeschool family!
  • Saving Memories Forever Review, March 3, 2013
    Coralie likes to add tags, photos, and more to her family history project within her Saving Memories Forever account.
  • Saving Memories Forever Review, March 1, 2013
    Amanda Joy shares how she uses the Saving Memories Forever App to keep her son in touch with his grandparents.
  • Saving Memories Forever Review, review, Mom TV, February 8, 2013
    Video by Maria Bailey of Mom TV reviewing Saving Memories Forever: “As the mom of four children, I know a thing or two about trying to make — and preserve — memories! Back when I had three little ones within 20 months, I never thought the days would go by so fast. Now, my oldest two children are away at college . . .”
  • Treasuring Memories and Story Basics, Saturday Evening Post, November/December 2012
    Saving Memories Forever is listed as a resource for preserving family stories.
  • Saving Memories Forever, Elite Professionals, October 30, 2012
    Profile of Saving Memories Forever founders Jane and Harvey Baker.
  • St. Louis Post Dispatch, Friday, September 14, 2012, Business Bulletin Board-On the Web Section.
  • St. Louis County Economic Council Semi finalist announcement Business Plan Competition, Monday July 9, 2012.

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