Introducing iTips and iTricks and Tech Tips

iphone and iPadHave you ever had a question about your iPhone or iPad? You are not alone. I’ve been working with our Saving Memories Forever clients (many of whom have Apple devices) for several years now. And I’ve come to realize that many people have similar questions. I’d like to offer my help.

Let me introduce my blog and newsletter column! These two pieces are all about helping you improve your experience with your iPhone and your iPad. The bi-weekly blog is named iTips and iTricks and will appear through Saving Memories Forever under the Blogs icon. My newsletter column will appear under the Tech Tips column in the monthly Saving Memories Forever newsletter.

Here are my first few tips.

Cool Closing: Most of you know that every application you open continues to run in the background. Not a big deal usually, but running applications in the background causes your battery to run down quicker, leading to battery life and performance issues. As you already know, to close an app you click twice on the home button, place your finger on the 1/2 size application and flick up. Did you know you can actually close two or three applications at the same time? To do this, press the home button twice and place a finger on each app you want to close and then swipe to the top. It may take a little practice and it may not work the first time you try it. (Usually this is because your fingers are not on the screen at the same time in the right place.) But once you “get it”, it’s easy! Plus, it makes you look like a pro.

Rapid Recharge: You can make your device recharge go faster by putting it in airplane mode. When you do this, your phone no longer is making contact with the internet (which requires a lot of power). To get to airplane mode go to Settings>Airplane Mode>On.

Handy Helper: Use your smartphone to make life just a little easier. For example, I recently bought a set of 12 filters for an air filtration system I have. These small filters need to be replaced every 30 days. Have I forgotten to do this? Yes, it has slipped my mind a couple of times. But no longer! I’ve set up a monthly recurring event in my calendar that reads “Replace Air Filter”. Because the filters are small and I forget where I put them, I’ve added some text to that event so the whole event actually reads “Replace air filter. Filters in the top dresser drawer.” Obviously you can do this with any event that includes some other action like “Theater on Tuesday. Tickets and parking pass in the kitchen drawer.” Just think of how else you can use the reminder service!

If you don’t already know these quick tips, pick one and try it. If you come across a tip or trick others might find useful, please send it to me. I’ll review it and quite possibly put it up in the blog or newsletter. 

IMG_1527-001About the Author:   Harvey Baker is the President of Saving Memories Forever. He learns about technology by making mistakes and researching how to correct them.  He is addicted to his iPhone. Maybe you are too.

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