How to Use the Copy and Move Features

SMF logo with linkSometimes stories change topics as they are being told. Big time. Follow the steps below to copy and/or move these stories from one Category and question/prompt to another.
1. Go to the website.
2. Sign in and go to the My Memories screen.
3. Press Manager and then select your storyteller. Stories will arrange by category and question.
4. Click on the red “down arrow” by the story you want to move. The first menu option under the green bar pop up menu is “Change Question”.
5. Click on Change Question and a new screen will pop up. The current category/question for the story is listed at the top.
6. To move the story to a new Category, select a new category. (If you are not changing category, select the current category.)
7. Select a question. If the story does not fit in a category, select “Other”.
8. If you want to duplicate the current story in another category/question, check the “Create Copy” button. If you just want to move the story, leave the “Create Copy” button blank and hit Save. Mission accomplished. If you move a story all pictures and text files associated with the story will move. If you duplicate a story, the pictures and text files stay with the original story.
9. If you make a mistake, don’t worry you can do this as many times as you need to.