Photo Party!

photo album on iPadAhhhh…spring has sprung and everyone is itching for a party…a get together…a soiree. Now that the winter blues have passed, a family story party is a perfect way to bring everyone together and celebrate!

Here is how it works. Call up the members of your family and ask them to bring two photos to the party. One picture should be of the extended family and one should be of their immediate family.

photo albumGather everyone in a comfy sunlit room (or better yet, your patio) with some simple snacks and then get your Saving Memories Forever App ready. Use the new Celebrations Category on the App. The Celebrations Category lets you record for a special occasion like a wedding anniversary, birthday or, in this case, a mini family reunion.

If you’re a little uncertain about how to do this, listen to the recorded Advanced Webinar. It’s available on the Saving Memories Forever website. You have to be a member to have access to this (and other webinars).  So sign up for Free. Then log in and click on the text “Get Our Free Resources”. You’ll see that text on the My Memories screen that comes up automatically when you log in.


Fun Twists

Back to the photo party! Have each person take a turn telling the story about the people in the picture and record the stories. And, if you want to do more, here are some other fun twists to this activity.

1. Number each picture and have the family member say their name and the picture number to start the recording. Scan all of the pictures and store them on your computer with the number as the file name. Use the Saving Memories Forever website to attach the pictures to the family reunion story. There is no reason why the same picture can’t be attached to different stories providing different perspectives.

2. After you have recorded the stories, have everyone lay out the pictures on the dining table. Play each story and have the kids go pick the picture they think matches the story.

3. If there is a picture that involves several people in the story…pass it around and ask each person to tell their version of the story.

4. After all of the stories are collected, use the download capability of Saving Memories Forever to burn a CD of the stories for each person that attended and give them a copy. If you’re really feeling creative, make a little book of all the pictures to go along with it.

Remember, if you’re not quite sure where the story best fits, you can always use the “Other” question down at the bottom of each list of story prompts.  Just remember to tag that story with lots of key tag words when you’re managing it later on the Saving Memories Forever website,.

Pictures are a fabulous way to get the stories flowing! Enjoy the creativity of Spring!

kim-weitkampKim Weitkamp has been featured on NPR (National Public radio), SiriusXM, and other radio stations throughout the states. Kim is passionate about the power of story and story coupled with genealogy/family history. She regularly keynotes on those topics and can be reached through her website,