3 Ideas for Capturing Those Graduation Memories

Record Your Graduation Memories

Transitions happen at all ages and stages of childhood and adulthood. When we think of “rites of passage” many think of getting the keys to the car or having your own apartment for the very first time. These things may happen at different times in our lives (or not at all). One thing that we all experience is a graduation! High school and college graduations have been occurring all across the country this month. Have you been sharing – or recording – graduation stories as others in your family and friends reach this time of celebration and transition? Grab the stories while they are fresh in your mind before your graduate heads into their next great adventure.

Scrapbooks are a wonderful way to record the event. Photographs are so easy to take and share with smartphones, but don’t forget that as technology changes, so will those phones! Always save your photos from your smartphones to your computer. Whether you choose to print your photos or create a memory book filled with digital images and stories, transforming the walk to adulthood will be a memory that you’ll want to keep.

Do you have several graduates in the family this year? Create a book that highlights all of their thoughts, hopes, dreams (and even fears) about heading into the next phase of their lives, be it college or the working world. Include information that will share their hearts today as new graduates. Much like a time capsule, this will allow you to look back on the day with a different perspective once your child hits another major milestone. Don’t forget to include your words of wisdom for them. These will become keepsakes that will not only mark the occasion but will hold dear memories safe over the decades.

Another way that we can remember the excitement of a graduation is to record the story. The Saving Memories Forever App is a fun and easy way to record all of your family’s graduation stories in one place. Whether you are experiencing your child or grandchild’s graduation – or even your own – now is a great time to record all of the details while they are fresh in your mind. Don’t forget that our premium members can include photos to really make the story come alive. Why stop with the recent graduate? Have fun including the graduation stories of all your generations.

However you choose to remember graduation day, the important principle is this: Don’t lose your stories. If we record them as they are fresh in our hearts the amount of details we will include will be richer. No matter the method, the story will be preserved.


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