Your Family Stories are Powerful

Stories count. Stories are powerful. Stories add so much to the family chart.

This was the message repeated over and over again at the RootsTech 2013 Conference where Saving Memories Forever had an Exhibitor booth.

Obviously, we agree.

We are certainly thrilled to be on the same page as large organizations such as FamilySearch, genealogical societies such as FGS, and notable papers such as The New York Times. Speakers from these organizations cited the importance of emerging technologies and the role that technology will play in developing and enriching the field of family history.
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David Pogue, Technology Columnist for The New York Times, gleefully showed off a cool new app to reinforce his belief that apps will lead the way.  Apps are mobile, affordable, and fun and will generate a lot of excitement.  Well  designed apps, he added, are easy to use and will appeal to huge numbers of people.

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Dennis Brimhall, CEO of FamilySearch, remarked that while technology today allows anyone to enter the field and create a record for their families, only 60% of all people currently living will leave a record when they die. That is a shame, he commented, especially when there is so much to share and it’s so easy to do.

Josh Taylor from and President of FGS stated that genealogy today is so much more than a family pedigree chart. He emphasized the need to engage youth and to attract them to the field of family history. To do this, he stressed making the process fun, easy, and accessible.

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Nationally acclaimed storytellers Syd Lieberman and Kim Weitkamp are strong proponents for the importance of storytelling.  While they are both professionals, they are quick to point out that anyone can tell a story and that stories about everyday lives are just what their relatives will want to hear about.

“Family stories start at birth,” noted Syd. “Stories are powerful,” he continued. Leiberman also noted that stories link you, ground you, and capture life. And because they tell universal truths, they are always interesting to others. His personal stories revealed brave and loving ancestors.

Family stories are important to remember!
Kim Weitkamp, whose influential elementary school teacher told her she had “the gift of gab”  adds that stories reveal personalities.  For years she’s been the family historian, often asked to tell a story again and again.  Over the years she’s developed a process that helps her select and develop story ideas. That process involves making a “memory map”, selecting a story idea from that map, and then “boxing in” the story.  She emphasizes the need for having an intention, a lesson, behind the story and holds workshops around the country to explain the process. Having said that, she enthusiastically believes that everyone is a storyteller and has many stories to tell. She reminded us that our stories don’t have to be about climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.  The best stories start as a simple thought.  Kim said, “My wish for everyone is that they leave behind them a fullness of stories with great intention.”

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