Living Life to the Fullest: A new kind of resolution

Living Life to the Fullest

[Editor’s note: Saving Memories Forever blogger Stephanie Pitcher Fishman shares her thoughts on living life to the fullest in 2013.]

The beginning of a new year is usually met with excitement. It’s the same feeling we had as children when we opened up a new coloring book. We could turn the pages into anything that we wanted. As adults, we still have the ability to make our year into anything that we’d like. Rather than facing it with resolutions of what you won’t do, try identifying a few things that you will do. Be intentional. Be adventurous. Be family-oriented. This year resolve to live life to the fullest – and then use Saving Memories Forever to record those experiences!

Family: Building a Legacy

For many of us, our family life is the foundation upon which all other pieces of the puzzle lay. It’s up to us to decide how our foundation is formed. Being intentional in your family activities doesn’t mean that you have to spend hours planning the perfect vacation or birthday party. Instead, focus on creating lasting memories through day-to-day involvement in the lives of your loved ones. Invite grown children and grandchildren over for a regular family game night. Connect with a cousin over a dinner made with your grandmother’s family recipes. Reminisce about childhood events with a friend over lunch at your favorite pizza joint. Along with creating memories, by recording these stories using a iPhone or Android App like Saving Memories Forever you are creating a legacy of family stories.

Work: Trying Something New

You don’t have to find new employment or receive a promotion to try something new at work! You are probably surrounded by more opportunities in this area than you might realize. Companies today have a higher turn-over rate than the businesses of our parents. “Company men” (and woman) are a rarity in today’s world. Have you noticed a new employee within your area of expertise? Perhaps you can reach out to them and act as a mentor. Or, do you notice a co-worker who traditionally eats lunch alone? Pull up a chair and have lunch together. Our work consumes a large part of our week. Creating positive relationships will help that week run more smoothly, make it more enjoyable, and will reduce work-related stress. Resolve to step outside your normal routine at work and try something new. Be sure to share your experiences with your children and family to inspire them to try something new in their own life. By doing so you will create a ripple of change!

Community: Giving Back Through Volunteering

I am blessed to have a legacy of community service on both sides of my family. It has broadened my horizons, increased my awareness of others, and changed the way I view my place in the world. By reaching out to your community you are not only making the lives of others better, but you are changing your life and the lives of your family through your experiences. Do you have a heart for families? Reach out to your local Ronald McDonald House. They are always welcoming volunteers to help prepare meals, provide housekeeping, or even donate children’s books or board games. Does your area have a homeless population? Put those knitting skills to use by knitting gloves and hats.

Becoming active in volunteering can be as big or small a commitment as you would like. Even the smallest action will have a large impact on the lives of others. Be sure to include these stories when you record your memories. Leave a legacy for others as my grandparents and parents left for me.

Experience: Seeking Adventure in the Ordinary

We live our lives in a routine. School, work, and errands fill many of our calendar days. How about adding in a little adventure? Adventure is simply defined as seeking an exciting experience. It doesn’t mean that we have to experience something as grand as climbing Mount Everest. It can be as simple as taking up a new hobby or stepping out of your comfort zone to join your kids on the basketball court at the gym. Looking for more? Plan an exciting weekend getaway to explore an area within your state that you’ve never visited.

If you need inspiration, access the Saving Memories Forever App to find a question that you’d love to answer. Rather than using the app to simply record memories of past events allow it to also help you plan events that you’d like to add to your list of accomplishments!

There’s No Time like the Present

How do you plan on experiencing 2013? However you choose to explore the blank page in front of you, make sure that you share those experiences with others. After all, a lifetime is created one story at a time, and stories need to be remembered. Saving Memories Forever is here to help you save those stories simply, safely, and securely.


One thought on “Living Life to the Fullest: A new kind of resolution

  1. Wise advice, Stephanie, about how to deepen the relationships you already have, as well as expanding your circle of relationships. This relationship work does take energy, and time, but is so rewarding that I’m never sorry when I take a chance or extend myself.

    “The world is so full of a number of things, / I think we should all be as happy as kings.” I think that’s Robert Louis Stevenson. There are so many people out there to relate to, and you capture that reality very well.

    My tutoring at a literacy center might seem like drudgery to many people, but all the tutors and I know that it isn’t about the subject, it’s about the relationship between tutor and student, because there are an infinite number of ways to help someone understand a subject. That’s what I’ve discovered and keep discovering. Thank you for your expansive post!

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