Internet Genealogy Magazine Review of Saving Memories Forever

Saving Memories Review Internet Genealogy Magazine December 2012

Saving Memories Forever is proud to announce that its iPhone App and website service have been reviewed in the latest issue of Internet Genealogy magazine!

Well-known genealogist and authority on “writing your family history” Lisa A. Alzo, a regular contributor at Internet Genealogy as well as other magazines, provides an in-depth review of the various features of Saving Memories Forever.

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A Flip-Pal mobile scanner Success Story

flip-pal stitched photo

[Editor’s Note: Saving Memories Forever co-founder Harvey Baker shares his experience with using the Flip-Pal® mobile scanner during a holiday activity with family members.]

It was the day after Thanksgiving and most of the family was sitting in our downstairs media room. It had been a pleasant after-Thanksgiving meal with more turkey and leftovers of everything else. We had been working on clearing out one of our rooms where we had a pile of books that we wanted to give to the library as well as boxes and boxes of old photographs.

What To Do With Boxes of Family Photos

We had taken a lot of photos years before there were digital cameras and they were stored in processing envelopes straight from the drug store, photo albums and as single pictures. As we went through pictures, there seemed to be a story that went with each photo. We had a great time trying to figure out which child was which, we were amazed at how the children all looked the same up to a certain age, and we discussed where one picture or another was taken. My daughter would point to one and say, “I would like a copy of this one.” There were no negatives for some of the photos and even if there were, it would have been a chore to pick out which negative went with which photo and mark it somehow to create prints later.

The Flip-Pal – An Easy Sharing Solution

Thankfully we didn’t have to do this. We had been given a Flip-Pal mobile scanner a couple of weeks earlier and now was the ideal time to use it. We followed the quick start instructions and in no time we were ready to scan. It was simple to do.

The scanning was the easy part; the difficult part was moderating the debate as to which picture should be scanned! The pictures were passed around and any picture that someone wanted copied came my way to be scanned. As each selected picture was passed over, I put it on the Flip-Pal scanner bed, closed the cover and pressed the scan button. In seconds, the picture was scanned. I also did a quick check of the LED color display to make sure I hadn’t placed the photograph askew on the scanner. Then, on to the next photo!

There were five of us looking at each picture and we each wanted specific photos to be saved. What could have been a complicated process of writing down “who wanted what picture” was made easy by scanning them with the Flip-Pal. The scans were quick and the resulting pictures looked good.

There were several pictures that were too large to fit on the bed of the Flip-Pal, but following the instructions and scanning large images in segments, we knew we would be able to reconstruct the pictures using the EasyStitch program included for free with the Flip-Pal Toolbox software.

We spent a pleasant hour or so going through about half of the pictures and making copies while sitting around on a sofa while the Flip Pal sat on my lap. I scanned just over 200 pictures in the two hours during which we sat and talked.

Photos Preserved and Shared in a Snap

Once finished, downloading the pictures to the computer was a snap. After taking out the SD card and inserting it into the computer card reader, the image files were easily transferred to the computer. Next, I used the Flip Pal EasyStitch software to stitch together the scanned segments. Once all the pictures were reconstructed, I imported them to Picasa and cropped them and rotated them as required. I then exported them to a folder on my desktop. In the coming weeks, I will use Dropbox to store the pictures and share the files with the family so they will have them and be able to make the copies they want.

The Flip Pal was a great tool to get photographs that were sitting around and collecting dust into the computers and hands of the people who wanted to keep them.

When my father died he had thousands of slides. We had no idea of where they were taken or why. We disposed of all the slides that we could not recognize and kept only those that had people in them. I wish we had a day or set of days where we went through his pictures and got the stories that were behind them.

The Flip Pal was quick easy and fun to use. Now to put all the stories we talked about during the scanning process on Saving Memories Forever!