Saving Memories Forever Mentioned In Saturday Evening Post

Saturday Evening Post NovDec 2012

We’ve been noticed! Recently, Saving Memories Forever was mentioned over at the Saturday Evening Post in an article entitled Treasuring Memories about family history and the importance of capturing family stories as part of your research.  You can read the entire story here.

The author, Iyna Caruso, mentions that the holidays are a perfect time to get families to discuss family history and tell the stories that matter:

“. . . an ideal time to bring a family tree to life, it’s during the holidays, the traditional and sometimes only occasions, when multiple generations gather. Reminiscing about the good old days comes naturally.”

Resources for Family Stories

As a companion to the article, Caruso also lists a variety of different resources that can be used to not only research a family’s roots but also to capture its stories.  Click here for the list of resources which mentions Saving Memories Forever:

Prompt young children to be the interviewers. Their innocent questions and true wonder about the mysteries of that hard-to-imagine time before they were born can open up reticent elders to share stories they might never share with another adult. Encourage one of the younger family members to record stories using a video camera or smartphone. (Create an instant audio scrapbook using the free iPhone app Saving Memories Forever available at

Give the Gift of Family Stories this Holiday Season

There’s no time like right now to get ready to capture all those family stories around the dinner table during the upcoming holidays.  You can purchase a Saving Memories Forever gift certificate and start your family on the path to preserving memories one story at a time.

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